Some Realtors’ Marketing Technique: Brutal Honesty

Some Realtors’ Marketing Technique: Brutal Honesty

In videos for out-of-state buyers, some Realtors point out flaws upfront. They say it sets realistic expectations, lowers buyer’s remorse and creates customer trust.

NEW YORK – More and more Realtors are beginning to voice blunt opinions on their YouTube videos about potential drawbacks for out-of-staters considering a move to their area, which they say differentiates them for their honesty, sets realistic expectations and lowers buyer’s remorse.

The agents say it also prevents them from having to help needy homeowners who may be over their heads when relocating.

Southwest Florida real estate specialist Craig Cunha includes feedback in his videos from clients who moved to Florida in the pandemic. Among them is Zach Curtis, a remote tech worker who moved from Colorado to Punta Gorda seven months ago with his wife and two sons. Curtis has issues with the drivers in the community, which Cunha aired in one video.

In another video, Cunha, wearing a polo shirt with palm trees and water views behind him, tells viewers, “I actually love living in Florida.” However, he adds, “What I’m trying to tell you is you may not.”

Source: Wall Street Journal (02/07/22) Levitz, Jennifer

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